What do we do?

We're a local community of friends that love trying new restaurants, bars, and general meetups. 

Past Events

  • Paymon's Mediterranean Cafe
  • Pure Indian Cuisine
  • The Nerd
  • Ventano Italian Grill
  • Grouchy Johns Coffee
  • LA Comedy Club at The Strat
  • Hue Thai
  • Hong Kong Garden
  • Shakespeare's Pub (Karaoke night)
  • Sonic (late night shake cravings)
  • ReBar
  • BiWon Korean BBQ
  • Master Kims
  • The Atomic
  • Market in the Alley (almost wrote Meerkat, huh). 
  • Definitely First Friday. 

Notable Users


We're expanding rapidly, this count is going to be updated weekly because we get new subscribers/users daily. 

As bars are opening up at the beginning of Phase 2 (Friday, May 29th); the number of people allowed to attend will be increased to no more than 50. This includes gyms, restaurants and bars. Keep an eye on this page for updates on any of our upcoming meetups. 

Upcoming Events

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