What do we do?

We're a local community of friends that love trying new restaurants, bars, and general meetups. 

Past Events

  • Paymon's Mediterranean Cafe
  • Pure Indian Cuisine
  • The Nerd
  • Ventano Italian Grill
  • Grouchy Johns Coffee
  • LA Comedy Club at The Strat
  • Hue Thai
  • Hong Kong Garden
  • Shakespeare's Pub (Karaoke night)
  • Sonic (late night shake cravings)
  • ReBar
  • BiWon Korean BBQ
  • Master Kims
  • The Atomic
  • Market in the Alley (almost wrote Meerkat, huh). 
  • Definitely First Friday. 

Notable Users


We're expanding rapidly, this count is going to be updated weekly because we get new subscribers/users daily. 

With Vegas now open and mask mandates in place; join the meetup groups but stay safe. If you have any concerns about users; please feel free to reach out to one of the Discord admins. Welcome, and please enjoy! 

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